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Founder of Leaders Matter, Dr. Smye is a world-renowned thought leader, organizational behaviorist, and executive consultant in the fields of individual and organizational change. She has an international reputation as one of the leading experts on the how to’s of planning, implementing, and accelerating large-scale organizational change and as a sought-after coach to C-suite executives. This expertise, combined with her desire to help people and businesses do more than they ever dreamed possible, translates neatly into Dr. Smye’s focus as coach, personal advisor and mentor for executives inside and outside of organizations.

Acclaimed throughout North America and internationally as much for her boardroom and corporate insights and expertise as for her energy and commitment as a coach, Marti has distinguished herself in the fields of organizational psychology and organizational change for more than three decades. Marti provides individual and organizational consulting services to Leaders Matter clients around the world in three key areas of expertise:

  • For CEOs and executive team members who need to lead and accelerate organizational strategy.
  • For individuals who want to learn how to create an effective personal brand within their organizations and for organizations wanting to retain key talent.
  • For organizations wanting to develop different leadership and culture strengths to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Dr. Smye’s career accomplishments include the 1989 founding of PeopleTech, Inc., an international consulting firm that merged with Right Management Consultants, Inc. (NASDAQ RMCI) in 1997. Subsequent to the merger Dr. Smye was appointed President
of RMC’s worldwide consulting division. Her tenure at Right included five successful acquisitions and a tripling of consulting revenue. She also served as a member of RMCI’s Board of Directors. Early in her career, Marti designed numerous assessment centers for these selection of partners in major accounting firms and many other executives in numerous fields, where she was responsible for leading many of the coaching and assessment programs. In 1999, Marti established an independent coaching and change management business called KFY Coach with 100 consultants worldwide, provided coaching programs to executives of firms like American Standard, Airbus, and Saudi Telecom. All coaches were trained on a standardized leadership assessment tool at KFY Coach. The company was purchased by Korn Ferry, where Marti ‘went inside’ to run and grow their worldwide coaching business. She then founded Leaders Matter. Marti’s recent experiences includes assessing the new successor to the founder of Bloomberg for the Executive Committee of the Board, coaching senior executives of a newly merged Fortune 100 company and a CEO based in China. Her extensive knowledge and a dynamic and engaging style have placed Dr. Smye in demand as a speaker to professional, business, and television audiences. She has authored several leadership books which have remained in print for over a decade.

  • Is It Too Late to Run Away and Join the Circus?
  • You Don’t Change a Company by Memo
  • Corporate Abus

Education and Professional Certifications

  • Harvard Business School, OPM
  • University of Toronto, Ph.D., Psychology